Adriana’s story began shortly after college.  A lifelong lover of all things health & fitness related, and avid volleyball player she was constantly searching for ways to optimize her own health.  After reading about Pilates in a fitness magazine she tried out a few sessions and noticed how much it relieved her back pain.  She was instantly hooked.  Noticing friends and family struggling with the effects of poor eating habits and lack of good form when working out motivated her to become fully certified in the Stott Pilates® method.  She was trained by renowned expert and founder Moira Merrithew herself.  With a passion for living a healthy & active life and a strong drive to help those around her do the same, her career was born.    

Adriana has worked for Stott Pilates ® since 2000.  As one of their elite trainers, she has travelled around the world bringing the Stott Pilates® method to new countries, training hundreds of new instructors and inspiring countless new bodies. Her expertise is recognized worldwide and sought after by leading professionals in the most reputable studios around the globe.  She continues to train new instructors near, and in numerous countries abroad.

In 2007 Adriana became a mother to a beautiful baby boy.  Wanting to invest in her new baby’s health, she researched recipes and made all of his first foods from scratch.  But like many working moms, years of nurturing her family and those around her while exerting and neglecting herself, she inevitably started to feel the ill-effects.  Extremely unstable blood sugar and fatigue had her feeling terrible most of the time.  Knowing that nutrition is key, she decided to enroll at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and graduated with honours 2 years later. 

Believing that everyone deserves to feel great and love their bodies, Adriana values the importance of investing in oneself.  She regularly works with clients in her home studio, through Skype, and in their homes to help them eat, move and live more mindfully so they can spend more time doing what they love. 

Adriana is a regular contributor to Holr magazine as their expert nutritionist, a presenter at worldwide fitness conferences and a featured performer on Pilates DVDs.  Her clientele includes NHL players, professional dancers, golfers and other professional athletes.

Adriana believes in a holistic lifestyle approach to well-being which includes more than nutrition and targeted physical training.  Her simple approach to optimal health include addressing sleep and stress levels and working together with her clients to create a comprehensive plan to optimize the body and mind.  Providing personalized service for a wide range of age groups and physical levels, Adriana is continuously mindful of the fact that we are all unique individuals with different needs. Her vision of wellness and holistic approach following basic rules has helped her many clients live and move more healthy, active and strong.